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Welcome to Peggy Karr Glass, where we have been producing the finest fused enameled glass for the table and home since 1987. With so many companies going overseas to produce their goods I have chosen to stay true to my American Craft Heritage. My glass is not only beautiful, it’s practical too. Highly resilient, it’s completely food-safe and microwave warming safe. Note that our glass is not tempered and should not be used in the oven. Avoid placing extremely hot foods on cool glass. Feel free to load your glass right into the dishwasher, but be mindful of harsh detergents and hard water as they may cause hazing. Virtually 100% of our scrap glass is recycled. We grind and use a portion in the production of our unique enamels. The rest is collected, reclaimed and turned into sheet glass. We also reclaim and reuse 75% of our colors in the decorating process. Lastly, we custom designed our kilns to be 20% more efficient than standard kilns both in their design and firing cycles.

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